Sunday, December 26, 2004

December 26, 2004: So far, so good

Bob and I have taken to talking to each other twice a day. The sound of each other's voice is soothing to our souls. We're on a schedule, I call at 6am my time/ 8pm his time and then again at 6:30pm my time, which is 8:30am his time.

His flight from Karaganda into Almaty was late in getting off the ground due to weather, but Spencer did well during the 2 hour flight. They have gotten settled into the Hotel Almaty, after making a room change and getting an extra heater for the room.

Our docs that we expressed mailed never made it to our Facilatator, at least they were never delivered to Bob. Luckily, Sandy and Chuck hand carried a set for us and met up with Bob on Mon afternoon and delivered them.

Since Bob is 14 hrs ahead, he has already gone through the medical exam which went off without a hitch. Spencer has indeed grown! He now weighs 17lbs, has grown 4 inches in length, he's now 27.5 inches and this Doc measured the head circumference at 46cm vs Bob's 44cm. So he is definately on the charts and doing well.

Shortly, Bob will be heading off to the Embassy appt on Tues at 4pm, his time to get Spencer's Immigration Visa issued. Wednesday nothing is scheduled and on Thursday Bob and Spencer will board their flight for home, his time at 8am. They will arrive in San Francisco, our time at 4:45pm on Thursday.

Bob will give more details about all of the above once he returns home. He is continuing to write daily and will post his journal for the last few days once he gets home. Please everyone send your prayers out to them on Thursday (which is really 6pm PST on Wed) for a safe a speedy return flight home!!


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